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Join The Atlantean Sisters in person or via the LIVE CALL for their monthly messages from the Ascended Masters that have global as well as personal implications followed by the NEW Gallery Style Question & Answer portion.

Who do you turn to in a time of need?

When you need guidance and direction in life, who do you ask for help?

An expert, right? Well who do the experts turn to when they need help? Well in my case.....the Ascended Masters! When I'm too close to a situation and want a higher perspective on things, I call upon those wise souls who have gone before and attained levels of enlightenment beyond this earth plane. From their perch on high, they are capable of seeing the big picture, the pieces of the puzzle that from my perspective elude me. And through their channel, Lisa Alexander, I can ask my questions and gain new insight to what I may be facing. Their energies reach across the veil with their words through her to touch the heart and soul. One only needs to be witness to sense the presence of these wise Beings of Light.

So who are these Ascended Masters I speak of? They are the spiritual teachers and leaders that have "been there and done that" to attain levels of awareness and enlightenment beyond us humans. They have lived, learned, and grown into their expanded and mighty "I AM Presence." They are those who have reached "the stars," yet still reach back to share their wisdom and knowledge with those of us remaining here on planet earth. They are coming forward now to share with us new information, for we are now ready and "have the ears to hear." Their impactful new teachings will reach far beyond what we have heard thus far.

So join us for these monthly messages and feed your soul! Learn to navigate your current incarnation more efficiently with:

The Ascended Masters say: "This is not for everyone, if you feel you are an advanced soul and nothing has quite yet really helped you...." then they invite you to "Come with an open heart, mind and soul to learn, grow, and prosper."

Can’t make it and don’t want to miss out? Purchase the recording and listen to the insights on your own time!

Abundance Exchange: $30 (includes recording)

Space is limited. RSVP is required.

Lisa Alexander

A Quantum Metaphysician, Certified Master Vibrational Sound & Energy Therapist, Certified Intuitive/Medium, a LEED AP, Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, Life coach and more...

Visit her at:

Rev. Krista McKeon

An Energy Intuitive who is a practicing Reiki Master-Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Angel Card Reader, Spiritual Teacher/Counselor with a Masters in Metaphysics.