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Magick & Miracles Reiki Workshops

Learn this simple hands on energy healing system in these fun and informative one day workshops with Rev. Krista McKeon, who combines her decade of teaching, and almost two decades of practice with a lifetime of learning and studying metaphysics to bring you the best of the Reiki traditions.

Ready to Learn Reiki ?

REIKI is a Japanese word which means Universal Life Energy.

The Reiki System of Natural Healing is a hands-on healing technique with this energy that brings the body into balance and harmony relieving physical and emotional blockages.

Anyone can learn this simple technique and the rewards are immense. Once you have completed the 8 hour course and been certified in Reiki, you will be able to use Reiki on yourself, your friends, family and pets in the privacy of your own home.

Reiki is an empowering experience which, when used regularly, facilitates and accelerates healing on all levels.

Join us on a healing path that extends as far as you wish.            

“My first meeting with Krista was for Shiatsu massage. Krista has a gentle healing touch with an amazing spirit and energy to match. Over the years I have been to several Reiki appointments looking for that one special person I can call my Reiki Master. I was so comfortable with Krista as my massage therapist that I asked her to train me in Reiki. Krista has the guidance and wisdom I’ve been looking for on my journey. I am proud to call Krista my Reiki Master & friend!”

~Lynn M., Allentown, PA

“This is a review from a happy satisfied client of Krista's. I have received training and attunement for Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 classes. She is full of energy and presents the blessings of Reiki with a passion. Reiki is present in my daily life now and always. I thank Krista for this light and love, that I can use for healing myself and others.”

~Myrna K., Bethlehem, PA

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“Years ago I took a Reiki I class and was clueless when I left. I took Krista's Reiki I class in September. Krista spends a lot of time discussing Reiki with you and answers any questions you have. The attunement and hands on training was excellent! I also appreciated that Krista gave you tools to take with you.”

~Diane Carr, Bath, PA was excellent... An East meets West meets Metaphysics approach Cancellation Policy: If for any reason you are unable to attend the class, a credit will be issued that can be used  toward services or future classes held at Magick & Miracles within six months of the class date.