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Magick & Miracles Spiritual Spa

Come experience the Transformational Power of a Spiritual Spa with The Atlantean Sisters, Masters of the Metaphysical World!

If you are looking for the “typical” spa experience that only helps you to look beautiful on the outside….


BUT if your intention is to:

Then allow the Atlantean Sisters to come to you!

Whether you choose a day or weekend package, time spent with them will be the most unique experience you’ll ever have!

Through their loving nurturing touch, passion to serve, and connection to Divine energies, they assist you in clearing, balancing, and aligning your energies to aid you in rising to new height!

Through elevating your vibrational frequency, greater joy, peace, health, and ease unfolds in your life.

Services Offered:

Sample Spa Day:

8am     Catered Breakfast

9am     Sound Guided Meditation

10am   Private Sessions: Your Choice of Service

1pm     Catered Lunch

2pm     Private Sessions: Your Choice of Service

5pm     Catered Dinner

8pm     Group Channeling Session

Customizable Day or Weekend Packages Available!

Call for a quote TODAY!


Lisa Alexander

Krista McKeon

The Atlantean Sisters