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By voluntarily participating in, consenting to meet with, or be instructed by, Krista or Magick & Miracles LLC – I understand that Krista is not a professional, board certified mental health, psychological/psychiatric counselor or medical professional. I also acknowledge that some or all of the procedures used in her metaphysical training/online, mail or classroom setting classes are for demonstration and educational purposes, not to be classified, or viewed, as mental health counseling, medical, financial or legal advice. You are requested to seek the services of a licensed professional for all medical, legal and financial concerns. I agree to not hold Krista or Magick & Miracles LLC liable for any experiences I have with any exercises I do through these courses, training or counseling. Krista and Magick & Miracles, LLC believe in the importance of personal responsibility and strongly encourages the client to use their own independent judgment in assessing or utilizing the information received. The success of an individual depends greatly on their own desire, ability and motivation to create and maintain change in oneself; therefore results will vary and cannot be guaranteed. I also understand that Krista is expressing her beliefs or belief systems, and I will not hold her, or Magick & Miracles LLC, liable for her own beliefs – and I know that I am free to believe what I choose to believe.


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