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Magick & Miracles Rave Reviews

“As you know you have and will continue to be our massage therapist, healer, teacher and friend.  You are a wealth of information not only into the mechanics of the human body and all of its structures but also understanding and guiding one's spirit as well.  We always have good conversations no matter what the topic.  Since we are under your wing, I can say that you have that special touch of bringing us from that knot of muscle tension back to that wonderful relaxed feeling of AHHHH!!!"  Your positive attitude continues to help keep me positive especially over this past year with everything we have gone through.  I am very grateful for your support.  You are the best!!”

 ~Mar G., Center Valley, PA

"I recently experienced a massage from Krista McKeon and I have never felt so serene!  From sitting at a computer all day at work, I often have pain in my upper back and neck.  She took the time to answer all of my questions and go over my areas of concern.  Krista eased the tension and stress not only from my upper back and neck, but from my entire body leaving me relaxed and my mind cleared.  I can’t wait to go back!"

 ~Amanda, Lansdale, PA     

To be honest I struggled with how to put what Krista does into words because there really aren't any that will completely do her work justice.  This is my attempt to bring her gifts to life in black and white.

"I had no idea what to expect when I scheduled my massage with Krista.  All I knew was that I was stressed, tight and needed to unwind. I had aches and pains that I attributed to age, and stress. Once she put her hands on me, I realized this was not going to be like all the other massages I had.  The exchange of energy was palpable. 

She zeroed in on the exact spots that were ailing me and gently explained to me what that area was connected to in my anatomy.  The very fact that she hit the nail on the head every time she felt soreness with what I was struggling with emotionally suddenly made me realize that dis-ease (disease) does manifest physically when we don't deal with life's negative issues.

Krista's inner knowing is amazingly accurate and her knowledge of body is brilliant.  As I lie on the table, not only is she massaging me, she is offering me the opportunity to allow my body to heal itself by uncovering what is going on in my emotional life.

I highly recommend sessions with Krista, you will not be sorry.  This is one opportunity to heal yourself that is like no other! "

~Veronica Drake, Intuitive Business Consultant,

 “What I love about Magick & Miracles is the calming home environment and not having to walk into a salon. What I love about you is your great personality and the calming presence that you have.


After looking through several Internet pages of individuals that offer Reiki I choose you because I liked the fact you were not just about healing. You offer services that allow one to get in touch with their soul. You are a kind and loving individual who deserves the best! “

~Jen C., Bethlehem, PA

“I consider myself an experienced massage patient – I know how much massage has changed my life and I rarely go a month without one.  The first time Krista worked on me, I felt an energy shift.  The combination of Reiki and massage was so relaxing and energizing—all at the same time!  When I went back for another treatment, I had the same experience so I knew it wasn’t a fluke.  Krista is a gifted healer and I highly recommend her!”  

~Erinn S., Orefield, PA

"Krista works magic with her hands.  No matter how tense or stressed I am when she begins the massage, I always leave feeling relaxed and energized.  The combination of techniques she uses works wonders in improving one's mental and physical being.  I highly recommend her." 

 ~Pat G., Easton, PA

"If you're looking for a true healing experience, then Krista McKeon from Magick & Miracles is the person for you. She has expertly handled the many different pains and issues I've had over the years ranging from muscle pulls, back aches, pulled ligaments, bursitis and a myriad of other sports type injuries. She's even helped relieve me of my severe migraines and helped lessen the general overall stress in my life. There are very, very few Healers and Masseuses I can compare to her. She is both professional in her care while remaining light and compassionate to her clients, friends and family. If you're looking for a one time massage, for yourself or even as a gift for someone else, you can't go wrong. I've given her massage gift certificates away for both birthday and holiday presents and had great results. However, if you're looking to find and build a long term relationship with a Healer and Massage Therapist, then you would be doing yourself a great dis-service if you didn't set an appointment to see if Krista McKeon is a match for you. This is the end of my general review but I felt it important to add a few thoughts below. If you're interested in more detail please read on.

My personal experience with Krista McKeon:

I've had a lot of massages from a lot of different practitioners over the years and if you're reading this you probably have as well. If you haven't, what you quickly find out is that there are Massage Therapists and then there are Healers. Therapists are wonderful and I'm not knocking them, but I will take the services of a Healer any day of the week over that of a Therapists.

What makes someone a Healer? In my humble opinion here's an almost to simplistic way to look at this. With the average massage I feel good or even great during it. I may even feel great right after the massage. However, in about a day, the feeling and effects wear off. Basically, I'm right back at the starting line with the same problem I had. In fact, if something acutely stressful occurs shortly after the massage the effects from that massage are completely gone. This actually happened to me once when I was driving home and someone cut me off. In less than a second all the good that was done was gone.

The effects from a Healer however last a lot longer than just a single day. I've felt the effects from Krista's massages a week or more later. I've had problems that general medicine couldn't get rid of quickly lessen over time or even go away in one visit. Yes, I've even had stressful situation come up that didn't affect the state of my body. My muscles and body continued feeling relaxed and pliable after before and after the stressful situation resolved. In my opinion the massages I get from Krista are healing and regenerative. They seem to accumulate.  Just my opinion and experience of course."

~J.D. Lepeta, Pen Argyl, PA

"Krista is an amazing masseuse and healer. She is absolutely the best I've ever gone to. I'm a very tense person so my muscles are always in a knot. She has an amazing way of healing all the stresses I store in my body."

~Catherine J., Walnutport, PA

Healing work is a very personal experience and the relationship with your healer is an intimate one. Choosing the right one for you is vital to your success. So here, in their own words, is what my clients have said about their experience with me.

""I get a lot of massages and reflexology. This was one of the best I've had in a long time. Great pressure and relieved a lot of the tightness I have been experiencing. Would highly recommend the reflexology."

~Kris K., Macungie, PA

“I was burnt out, exhausted and so drained, I knew I needed something but wasn’t sure what it was.  I heard about Rain Drop Therapy and I receive Shiatsu massages so I knew what I needed when Krista told me she combined these 2 treatments into 1 therapy session.  The experience was exactly what my body, mind and soul needed, it took me from burnt-out to rejuvenated and feeling alive again. The therapy session was very relaxing as I felt the tension release from my body to allow it to heal, the energy work re-filled what had been drained and fueled my body, mind and soul. I would highly recommend treating yourself to this special gift as I know I will definitely treat myself again.”  

~Susan D., Macungie, PA

...a wealth of information... She took the time... ...the exchange of energy was palpable... that allow one to get in touch with their soul... ...the hands and heart of an angel. ...a gifted healer... ...I always leave relaxed and energized... ...a true healing experience... ...absolutely the best... ...relieved a lot of tightness... ...took me from burnt-out to rejuvenated...

 " Krista is the very best at what she does. I have gone to her numerous times for help with healing injuries, relieving migraines, stress, muscle tension and emotional distress. She has the hands and heart of an angel. Her techniques in Shiatsu and Reiki really do work!! For those skeptics out there, to have your body and mind freed from all tension and stress, spend an hour with Krista performing Magick and Miracles."

~Eric G., Nazareth PA

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